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Kiara Info Traders is an exciting and innovative venture in practical film making company based in Mumbai Maharashtra. Kiara Info Traders is pioneers professional-standard in all key areas of filmmaking, boasting a wealth of highly qualified mentors and a personal. Kiara Info Traders is producing a new generation of filmmakers who meet the industry demand for individuals who are multi-skilled, collaborative and innovative. As technology develops so do our courses however the language and grammar of filmmaking will always remain the same. Kiara Info Traders is a house of flavours. We have stepped into various genres in the Industry and have turned every page of entertainment Kiara Info Traders is one stop for entertainment which is creating new benchmarks in Bollywood. We have tried our hands at almost all genres and wish to explore more in the future. We have a long list comprising of movies releasing in 2019 along with movies going on the floors and releasing in the nearer future. Filmmaking begins with an idea in the mind and is finally showcased to the audience on the screen. The journey from an idea to the release of the film is long and full of challenges but with commitment, hard work and determination, the obstacles turn into milestones. We, at Reliance Entertainment, are on a mission to faithfully translate the idea into a film and help the film become a classic.

Kiara Info Traders

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We have a long list of satisfied clients and we aim to make you one. We can provide all elements of film and video production at any phase in the production process from Development to Post Production.


Kiara Info Traders is an exciting and innovative venture in practical film making company based in center India. We can respond quickly. We will explain the Kiara Info Traders Permit and advise or help you process visas.

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Having a technical problem in the office? Our system administrator will come to the rescue. It's our goal to create products and services that are both beautiful and relevant. It's our mission to make stuff that matters.


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